Changes Relating to Coronavirus

In light of Coronavirus we have taken on board recommendations and made some changes.  These changes are in place until further notice and are temporary until the situation improves.

Face to Face Readings


To keep contact to a minimum and in line with social distancing recommendations, readings are available by phone or video call only. 


Video call readings are done either by Messenger, Facetime or Skype and are just as effective as in person.  The same applies for phone readings.  As I connect to you energetically through your voice and date of birth, it is not necessary for you to be physically present in order for me to provide you with an accurate reading. 


Face to face readings will resume as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Reiki Healing

Until further notice, I will not be conducting Reiki treatments.

These are difficult and challenging times for everyone.  Whilst we can’t change the situation, we can change how we respond to it.  Meditation is a great way to still the mind and create calm in our lives (refer to my article here on meditation).  Humanity and Mother Earth are going through a major shift and while we are in the midst of this chaos, have faith and trust that this too shall pass. 

Sending love and light to everyone at this time.


Shelley xx